51 Ford Shoebox Chopped Rat RodA few words about me and how my passion for hot rods started. When I was growing up, I was the typical young eager boy that wanted to be just like his Dad, building and cruising hot rods. It was easy to get hooked on it when every weekend I would be cruising one of my Dad’s rides going to yet another hot rod show. The term “Goodguys” was very well known in my family since it was the biggest car show around during my childhood.

1948 Chevy Sedan Delivery Hot RodEventually I started building hot rods myself. My first project was 1948 Chevy Sedan Delivery.I started working on it as a junior in high school and continued to cruise in that car for over 10 years. My 1948 had so many memories associated with it, it was very hard to separate with it.

Later I joined the Navy to sail the seven seas and spent over 24 years doing so, therefore building on a budget was very important to me and my family. The best budget ride I have ever built (besides, of course, my high school ride) has to be my 1951 Ford Shoebox. The total build of this rat rod took over three years to complete, at least to the point that I could drive it on a regular basis.

1951 Ford Shoebox Custom CarWhile working on my projects, I often wished I had a website to reference the process that could have prevented me from making some of the mistakes along the way. I never found such a site, so I decided to create it myself.

The goal of this website is to give you an idea how easy it is to build a hot rod with little or no money. I hope you enjoy this site and if you have pictures of your build please post! Thank you!



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